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Welcome to our allotment blog, where I will keep regular updates with pictures of our allotment. We aquired it in February 2012 with raspberry canes, strawberries and rhubarb already in the plot! I am also a chef and will share some of my recipe ideas with you.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Finaly Finshed the Prep work.....ish

This weekend has seen some lovely weather but also the allotment taking real shape. As you can see from the first picture we have managed to get a path for ease of access installed down the middle. Eventually the fist bed will be split into four by a path running from side to side allowing access to the beds all round.
The third bed on the plot has now been completely dug over and looking good. Incidentally we met another couple on the site just opposite of ours who have had their plot for twelve years. They had a wealth of advice about the site and so far found out that our plot is one of the best and nutritious plots as well as having its own micro-climate towards the back of the plot. We were also told that outdoor varieties of tomato's do really well on the site.
 Sarah spent a good part of today clearing all the dead matter from around the raspberry canes and we then came across two small Gooseberry bushes which we are excited about! As the raspberries have been left to their own devices they are a little on the wild side and have started growing all over the place. They have got plenty of last years growth with shoots on so we should come into some kind of crop this year.
And finally, the last bed on the plot has now been dug over! We will now spread some fish blood & bone onto the beds and rake over so they are all ready for planting. On the seed front we have put our cauliflower, cabbage & Brussels seedlings out in the greenhouse which we will transplant either this week or at the weekend. We have also place another order with Kings Seeds including pumpkins, sweetcorn, sprouting & normal broccoli, french beans & peas.


  1. Looking good Dan. I thought it was a different plot until I looked at the original pictures but it just looks so much bigger now it's dug over.

  2. Wow just look at the colour of that soil :)

    You have done so much work. Look forward to readign of your progress.