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Welcome to our allotment blog, where I will keep regular updates with pictures of our allotment. We aquired it in February 2012 with raspberry canes, strawberries and rhubarb already in the plot! I am also a chef and will share some of my recipe ideas with you.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Our First Post

So, our first post is introducing you to our blog and our allotment which we have had the keys to for just over a week now. We have been very lucky as the previous owner had kept it well cultivated and covered 75% of the plot in black plastic so has kept the soil in a very good condition. We also have about eight raspberry canes, a possible pear tree, four rows of strawberries & a large rhubarb crown. On the left is a picture of how it looked when we took it over pre snow and freezing weather!
To the right is after about four hours over two days work of turning the top soil over and raking over ready for planting. It was blooming cold! Thankfully due to the plastic covering it, it wasnt frozen! We have replaced the plastic to help keep the soil slightly warmer until the whole plot has thawed so we can plan what what we are going to grow where.
To the left we pulled the last peice of plastic away revealing a path down the middle between where the strawberries are on the right and a bed on the left. The only downside to having the plastic is that the brambles part of the hedge on the right has sent stringers under the plastic and has set shallow roots in some areas but has been easily managed!

We are looking forward to the thaw so we can get planning.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first post and please feel free to comment.

Daniel & Sarah

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