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Welcome to our allotment blog, where I will keep regular updates with pictures of our allotment. We aquired it in February 2012 with raspberry canes, strawberries and rhubarb already in the plot! I am also a chef and will share some of my recipe ideas with you.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

One Week In

So we have now been hard at work getting the plot ready to plant. Its a massive improvement from last week. We have cleared just over half the plot exposing the strawberries which unfortunately will have to be replaced as most were damaged in the clearing! We have worked out we will be able to get two beds in the first quarter then a double strawberry/fruit patch, a third bed, fruit cage where there are raspberries already there and a fourth bed behind that. That should leave us just enough space for a shed and two if not three compost bins. We will have a four year rotation with ample space.

Incidentally the view from our plot today was fantastic clear sky with a good view over the town! Unfortunately from the picture you cant appreciate the view as good as being there! Thanks to the fair weather, it brought some of the other plot holders out and we met a couple of them today. One chap has had his since August and the other chap was with his son & wife had theres for about two years. Having chatted for a while we set about starting to burn the the six wheelie bins worth of stringers, weeds & dead grass we have pulled up so far. We will use the potash on the plot soon enough! Outside of the plot at home we have our Greyhound Cabbage, All The Year Round Cauliflower & Brigitte F1 Brussel Sprouts seedlings coming along nicely as well as our first early potatoes chitting in egg boxes!
Above is the end of the strawberries and the third bed. Hopefully next weekend we shall get hold of some timber to get the paths marked and in then we will be ready for planting! That is the hope! The third bed has taken longer than expected as it is full of dandelions & other deep rooted weeds so meticulously turning the soil has been top priority!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed your insight into our plot & please share with you like minded friends & followers!

Dan & Sarah

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